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Market Leader in Feed Conveying

Market Leader in Feed Conveying

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Corner Unit (CU-TS)

Managing your animal feed distribution with flexibility

NEW and improved CU-TS Corner unit

Technical Systems’ Corner unit will provide for a trouble-free operation in a feeding system, to distribute feed evenly, rapidly and reliably throughout any feeding configuration. The New and Improved CU-TS offers the following benefits to the user:

  • Improved shaft, with square locator to reduce risk of unscrewing of shaft
  • Improved and hardened cast iron wheel
  • Flange on bottom of wheel to promote chain elevation, reducing wear on the base plate
  • Self-lubricating nylon style bush
  • Rust prevention layers on shaft
  • Rust prevention layers in paint process
  • Transparent polycarbonate lid for durability and improved visibility of corner unit
  • Improved link leveller rail system

The corner unit integrates with most universally accepted trough systems.

Additional information

  • Customisable packing configurations i.e. can be added to our current product range by filling the space and maximize container space
  • Customizable to market requirements i.e. colour & logos
  • Parts available to sell: Cover, Body, Wheel assembly (with wheel and shaft)
  • Trough inlet:
    – 86.4 mm max trough outside width
    – 81 mm min trough inside width
    – 64.5 mm maximum trough height


Units Standard Pallets

1 box = 2 units maximum

Palletising types

1 x mini pallet = 24 boxes of 48 units
1 x half pallet = 54 boxes of 108 units
1 x full pallet = 99 boxes of 198 units

1 x 20 ft (6 m) container = 12 pallets
Total of 2,376 units as maximum per 1 x 20 ft (6 m) container

Please enquire about packing combinations to maximise container loads, weight and placement permitting.

Combined Shipments

Combined Shipments of Feed Chain, Corner units and Auger – a competitive advantage!
To optimise container space usage, and to reduce shipping cost per unit, we offer various methods of packaging.
Including MINI Pallets that can be inserted into Auger pallets, thus making the most of all available container space.

Please enquire about packing combinations.

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