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Market Leader in Feed Conveying

Market Leader in Feed Conveying

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Infini-T™ Auger

The world’s first continuous length auger with lengths in excess of 4,000m!

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Savings for auger buyers

  • RSA Patent No. 2016/01623 / International Patents Pending
  • Auger spiral coils not welded or brazed.
  • Cut lengths exactly as and when required.
  • Minimal waste & scrap.
  • Available in both Pan Auger and our esteemed Fatiqless™ Cross Auger models.
  • End to all traditional auger manufacturing.
  • Measure your own lengths as and when required, even on site.
  • 100% Yield savings on accurate cut-to-size lengths.

Savings for existing auger manufacturers

  • Labour, up to 3 employees.
  • Floor space, up to 150m2 per machine.
  • Reduce number of Long pipes in your workplace.
  • No more additional capital required for auger coiler equipment.
  • No more investment in flat wire material.
  • Packing, handling and consumables costs.
  • Maintenance of equipment and long set-up times.
  • Yield losses of flat wire material.
  • Reduced Quality Control and measuring equipment.