NEW TS Drive Unit

Technical Systems’ Drive Unit will provide for a trouble-free operation in a feeding system, to distribute feed evenly, rapidly and reliably throughout any feeding configuration.

The New TS Drive Unit offers the following benefits to the user:

  • Over 32 combinations of motors sizes and speeds.
  • Helical Inline as well as worm applications.
  • Light weight hardened steel Sprocket.
  • Customizable drive unit box, accommodating motor brand of choice.
  • TS will use Transtecno drives as standard, unless otherwise stated or requested.
  • Powder coated and pre treated to prevent corrosion.

The drive unit integrates with most universally accepted through systems.

Additional information

  • Customisable packing configurations i.e. can be added to our current product range by filling the space and maximize container space
  • Customizable to market requirements i.e. colour & logos
  • Parts available to sell: Cover, Body, Sprocket, Drives, Gear motors, Stands, Shoes/Bottom Guides
  • Trough inlet:
    – 86.4 mm max trough outside width
    – 81 mm min trough inside width
    – 64.5 mm maximum trough height


Units Standard Pallets

1 box = 1 unit maximum

Palletising types

DU Body only
1 x mini pallet = 24 boxes of 48 units
1 x half pallet = 54 boxes of 108 units
1 x full pallet = 99 boxes of 198 units

Leg Stands
1 full pallet = 76 legs per pallet

Complete Drive unit assembly including motor and gearboxes (based on 1.1kw without legs)
1 full pallet = 24 legs per pallet

Please enquire about packing combinations to maximise container loads, weight and placement permitting.

Combined Shipments of Feed Chain, Corner units and Auger - a competitive advantage!

To optimise container space usage, and to reduce shipping cost per unit, we offer various methods of packaging.

Please enquire about packing combinations.