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Market Leader in Feed Conveying

Market Leader in Feed Conveying

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Flattened Wire

Technical Systems adds value by controlling the entire production process, from the flattening to the heat treatment stage to ensure a reliable and durable product. Flattened wire is used to produce auger spiral.

Attributes & Dimensions

Material type:

Tempered Flat Wire

Quality control:

  • Input raw material:
    Material acceptance inspections of rod diameter, ovality and physical defects, with material steel grade verification.
  • Flat wire width & thickness dimensions:
    Continuous measurements to ensure correct dimensions.
  • Wire heat treatment and Hardness:
    Electronic and computerised readings to continuously measure the line speed, quenching, soaking and temper temperatures. Hardness tests per coil and re-checked at final packing.
  • Visual:
    Checks for possible deforming of product.
  • Packing checks:
    ISPM fumigation certificate, wrapping strength, covered in cloth to absorb excess oil, strapped.


To prevent corrosion.

Packing Configuration

Pallet Flat Wire Coil Dimensions

(depending on weight of coil):

Inside diameter: min 900mm
Outside diameter: max 1300mm
Height: 360 – 425mm
Weight: up to 2,000kg per coil

Packed eye to the sky.

1 x 6m (20ft) container = maximum range from 19 – 25 tons, depending on allowable tonnage permitting per country.

Pallets are strapped, wrapped and covered with a cloth to prevent lubrication spilling.


8.00 x 3.85 mm 40 ± 1.5
8.00 x 3.85 mm Range: 40-43 ± 1.5
10.50 x 4.00 mm
12.00 x 4.00 mm
14.00 x 5.20 mm


TYPE 8.00 x 3.85 mm Tolerances (mm) Min (mm) Max (mm)
FLAT WIRE WIDTH 8.00 [± 0.2] 7.80 8.20
FLAT WIRE THICKNESS 3.85 [± 0.1] 3.75 3.95
TYPE 10.50 x 4.00 mmTolerances (mm)Min (mm)Max (mm)
FLAT WIRE WIDTH10.50[± 0.2]10.310.7
FLAT WIRE THICKNESS4.00[± 0.1]3.94.1
TYPE 12.00 x 4.00 mmTolerances (mm)Min (mm)Max (mm)
FLAT WIRE WIDTH12.00[± 0.3]11.712.3
FLAT WIRE THICKNESS4.00[± 0.15]3.854.15
TYPE 14.00 x 5.20 mmTolerances (mm)Min (mm)Max (mm)
FLAT WIRE WIDTH14.00[± 0.3]13.714.3
FLAT WIRE THICKNESS5.20[± 0.15]5.055.35

Combined Shipments

Combined Shipments of Feed Chain, Corner units and Auger – a competitive advantage!

To maximise shipments and assist with your flexibility, “mini pallets” of Feed Chain can be packed inside the Auger Coils. This allows for full containers of various products, combined with flat wire at no additional shipping costs, thus optimizing space and decreasing unit costs.

Please enquire about packing combinations.