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Market Leader in Feed Conveying

Market Leader in Feed Conveying

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Link Chain

Technical Systems is proud to introduce Link Chain as a new addition to our product range. Link Chain can be used for various applications, but the intended usage is for Disc Chain Feeding. Link Chain is a flexible, compact and modular feeding system. Technical Systems is excited to offer a product as diverse and innovative as Link Chain.

Characteristics, dimensions and specifications:

  • Technical Systems currently offers two Link Chain models, namely 5mm diameter X 35mm pitch and 5 diameter X 35.75mm pitch
  • We can produce a variety of sizes within 3-6mm OD and 25-46mm pitch range.
  • Pitch tolerances of (+0.3 / -0.2mm) are achieved.
  • ID tolerance of (+0.1 / +0.5mm) are achieved.
  • Wire diameter tolerance of [±0.05]
  • Hardness tolerances of ±1.5 HRc are currently achieved on through hardened products.
  • Lengths of: 50m are standard
  • Minimum tensile strength for both diameters is 20kN
  • Hardness Method: Through hardened options of 42-48Hrc
  • Combined shipment, like most of our Technical Systems products, can be done with link chain – we recommend full container loads to get best value for money!

Please enquire about packing combinations for the above


Link Chain is packed in bags.


1 bag = 50m Link Chain

1 Crate = 4,000m, 80 bags of 50m each

1 X 20ft = 10 Crates (Total: 40,000m Link Chain) can be packed in a 20ft.


1 bag = +/- 165ft Link Chain

1 Crate= +/- 13,125ft Link Chain

1 X 20ft = 10 Crates (Total: +/- 131, 235ft chain)