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Market Leader in Feed Conveying

Market Leader in Feed Conveying

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About us

Technical Systems, based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, was established in 1993 by Theuns Kuhn. From humble beginnings of only one product and three employees, the company has quickly grown into a major global poultry and pig equipment manufacturer and supplier of chain and auger conveying products.

Starting in 1993 with a total of three employees, Technical Systems has experienced a tremendous growth phase. In 1995 the total work force was 15 employees and within one year in 1996, the work force doubled to a total of 30 employees. Four years later in 2000 we employed 60 staff and currently our staff compliment reached 150.

Our flagship product cemented our position as the largest poultry feeding chain manufacturer.

During 1999 we started with the development if our auger range and it took us almost 10 years to establish this range in the market. Our auger products have the highest fatigue resistance, a common failure in this application. As a result of this success, we branded our auger range in 2008 with the FATIQLESS Trade Mark. We are also the largest auger manufacturer, and we see good growth opportunities in the future.

During 2010 subsidiaries Technical Systems Inc. in the USA, as well as Technical Systems BV in Holland were established. We have rented warehouse facilities available in Brazil and China.

Technical Systems manufactures poultry feeding equipment, more specifically chain and auger conveyors, for the purpose of conveying materials in various applications.

Of the material we manufacture, 95% is exported to the international market – directly to major Original Equipment Manufacturers to over 50 countries around the world. They in turn do installations worldwide, that ensures that our equipment is used in each and every country in the world.

We continuously strive to improve the quality of our products and to add new products to our range by exploring new opportunities in the poultry and pig industry. Capacities have increased over the years to accommodate growth and to enable delivery in short periods of time, applying our “managing your feed distribution with flexibility” statement.