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Market Leader in Feed Conveying

Market Leader in Feed Conveying

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Technical Systems (Qingdao) Trading Co., Ltd New Office Space – Mr. Paul Kranhold

With the immense opportunity, I was asked to relocate to Qingdao China for a year to drive the recovery and cement Technical Systems as the market leader in our field. I expected to have some nerves traveling to and be based in a far-away country with a vastly different culture, but the little nerves I had were quickly erased when I spent a little bit of time with the TSQD team. The reception was warm and supportive. What I strongly suspected, was instantly confirmed, and that is that the TSQD team was extremely competent, professional and hard working.

We quickly set out to find a new office as the team was sharing a cramped space with another company and I felt it was important to, firstly give the team their own space, but also to show our continued commitment to TSQD that, for almost 3 years, was cut-off from South Africa during Covid.

The objective was to get a simple office, conveniently located and cost effective. After viewing multiple options, we found one that was a good fit to our needs, and we are happy to share the new home of TSQD. 

View from office window