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Market Leader in Feed Conveying

Market Leader in Feed Conveying

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Completion of new projects

Link Chain:

We are proud to introduce the new Link Chain product to our range of existing products. Link chain is a versatile product that can be used for multiple applications within the feed conveying industry. Technical Systems focuses on the disc chain application, where plastic discs are molded onto the chain and used to convey feed.

An enormous effort by all the different departments ensured that the initiation, planning, execution and closure of this new product was a successful one.  A great deal of time was set aside for R&D. During this time numerous destructive and non-destructive tests were conducted to determine the optimal specifications for the product. These tests included visual inspections, dimensional checks, tensile tests, hardness tests, elongation tests and wear tests. Tight tolerances on the chain allows for an easy molding process. The end result – Wear resistant chain that offers above average tensile strength.

Speciality Wire:

We recently expanded our market to produce high tolerance specification wire for multiple industries.

Phase 1 of the Speciality Wire Project included the installation of a Rolling Line, which is a production line with various machines to form flat wire from rod.

Top of the range sensors and equipment are used within these machines to ensure that our product can reach dimensional tolerances of up to a 50th of a millimeter at speeds of up to 80 meters per minute.

Phase 2 of the project included the installation and commissioning of the Speciality Wire – Heat Treatment Line.

The Speciality Wire Heat Treatment Line uses modern heat treatment methods to ensure the material properties of the speciality wire conforms to the technical specifications as required by our customers.

The heat treatment line is a continuous production line that was designed and built by our experienced team of engineers and artisans. It contains the best electronics to ensure consistent heat treatment parameters to ultimately produce a high quality product.

A great amount of lab and quality tests were conducted to reach the specifications and to maintain the proud reputation we have established throughout the years.

Well done to all departments involved in the above. We are excited to launch these new products and add more variety to our existing product list.